The Importance Of A Good Night’s Rest

Do you get enough sleep? More than half of Aussies don’t think they do and as a nation we’re spending a whopping $66.3 billion per year on health and overheads because of sleep distress. In light of World Sleep Day (March 18th), […]

The Influence of Collagen

When SheSociety Editor, Bec saw that Body Science was bringing out a range that included the addition of collagen we must admit, she had her doubts and so did we. Bec’s husband has been a true believer of all Body Science products […]

It’s Time We Changed The Way We See Menopause

Health and fitness coach, Naz de Bono, wants women to approach menopause without the fear and uncertainty. Mention the word ‘menopause’ in a crowded lift, and you can expect to see blushes and intense concentration on phone screens from everyone else. Many […]

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