10 Energy-Boosting Tricks

Do you struggle to stay awake or focused? Do you often feel that low energy forces you to skip important meetings and events? It might surprise you to hear that this literally happens all the time, even to the most energetic people. […]

Endometriosis- One Woman’s Experience

Once we reach puberty, we as women experience a curious phenomenon known as a monthly cycle. For many it brings mild symptoms such as cramping, moodiness and a craving for chocolate. For others though this ‘time of the month’ brings pain, heavy […]

Could Your Tea Towel Be Hurting You?

USING your tea towel multiple times in between washes could leave your family at risk of food poisoning, new research has found. Bacterial build-up was measured on 100 towels over the course of a month during an experiment by scientists at the […]

Could Alcohol Aid In The Prevention Of Alzheimers?

Sleep, exercise and a 25ml of alcohol can help the brain ‘wash’ itself at night to prevent Alzheimer’s, scientists say. British researchers found the combination stimulated the brain’s own cleaning system, wiping away the toxic build up of proteins linked to the […]

Aloe For Bladder Pain?

Upwards of 8 million women suffer from interstitial cystitis (IC), a chronic bladder condition that can be extremely painful and debilitating and is typically treated with one prescription medication that not only provides little relief to many women but also causes hair […]

Going Mediterranean To Help Depression

The Mediterranean diet is well known for its physical health benefits and it is now being hailed as the latest weapon in tackling mental health problems. Researchers at Deakin University have found the diet can help those suffering from severe depression. They […]

7 Tips To Help Us Get Through Winter

Doctor and skincare expert shares her tips on overcoming Seasonal Affective Disorder and Lacklustre Skin over the cooler months. Dr. Irene Prantalos states: “For many of us the coldness of Winter can bring many changes to our body; dry, lacklustre skin, seasonal […]

Dental Health for Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a unique experience in a woman’s life. Women commonly face oral health problems during gestation. Studies show that links exist between poor oral health and low birth weight or premature birth. As pregnancy is associated with compromised oral health due […]

Blast Fat With 4 Simple Exercises 

Cardiovascular workouts are an essential part of your training routine, it will stimulate fat burning and weight loss. It will also help to build stronger heart and lungs, increase bone density, reduce stress and the risk of heart disease. I include in […]

Is Fibre The Answer To Flu Protection?

It has long been known that a diet rich in fibre improves intestinal health and reduces inflammation in the gut; now a Monash University study shows that fibre can protect against the flu virus. Professor Benjamin Marsland from the Department of Immunology, […]

The Best Foods To Fight Fatigue

Exhaustion isn’t a good look for anyone, but it’s all too easy to burn the candle at both ends in the always-connected world we live in. And when that energy slump hits, you need help. But that doesn’t mean downing a dozen […]

Flexing The Rules

The Flex Company was started by Lauren Schulte after she wanted to find another alternative to pads, tampons and menstrual cups. She believed that if we used a period product that was designed to solve our major problems (leaking, cramping, bloating, smell, frequent […]

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