Lessons I’ve learned from Dad

For Mother’s Day I wrote a column which really seem to resonate with She Brisbane readers about the “good advice” (i.e. bossing) my mum, Ruth, has dispensed over the years. So, I thought it was only fair I give reciprocal rights to […]

Why I created a girl superhero

The world needs more girl superheroes and so I set out to write one. How does one create a superhero for a seven-to-12 year-old reader? As an ex-teacher I knew a lot about schools and kids. I wanted my superhero to be […]

What makes a good book cover?

So you’ve finished writing your book and now, it’s time to publish and market it. My heart goes out to any author with a well-written, captivating story, whose book has a terrible cover. Would I buy a book with cheap looking DIY […]

My hidden gem – Walkabout Creek

Ssh, come closer…. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Nestled in the leafy suburb of The Gap—set back from Mt Nebo Road and lapped by the clear waters of the Enoggera Reservoir—is the hidden gem that is Walkabout […]

My invitations have changed: now I bring cookies

Now that I’m in my thirties, I qualify for invitations to legitimate adult parties. Instead of pre-drinking, I now attend housewarming parties. Rather than Sunday sessions, I am invited to baby gender revealing celebrations. My Saturday afternoons are often taken up with […]

Can you name five things that fuel you?

What are the top five things you like about yourself? The things that make you tick, thrive and buzz? Maybe deep down they’re the things that make you proud of who you are? Scared to share? Surprisingly many people keep the things […]

Wine, laughter and amateur dramatics

Literally, wine, laughter and amateur dramatics; that’s what’s on offer at one of Brisbane’s northside community theatres. I caught up with director Jason Sharland between rehearsals this week to catch an insight into what it takes to help run Growl Theatre. Q: […]

A weekend of hotshots

HOTSHOTS ON STAGE Phew, if we ever needed cooling down it was after last weekend. It started innocently enough … we decided to finish the week in style by sipping on expertly crafted cocktails at our favourite local sophisticated venue, Chadwicks Bar […]

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