A weekend of hotshots

HOTSHOTS ON STAGE Phew, if we ever needed cooling down it was after last weekend. It started innocently enough … we decided to finish the week in style by sipping on expertly crafted cocktails at our favourite local sophisticated venue, Chadwicks Bar […]

Pieces of me

I don’t want to do this anymore! I can’t handle this! I feel like screaming! I f***ing hate this! These are the thoughts that power through my mind when I’m at the brink of a mental explosion and when the girls are […]

Just let it go, mate

After losing her son in a one-punch hit, Brisbane mother Gloria Steensen is reminding us all that “there’s no shame if you just walk away. There is no shame at all.” The victim – a man of peace There is a tragic […]

Why kids don’t listen…

PARTNER CONTENT ‘How to talk so kids will listen & Listen so kids will talk’ is a book and course written in the 80s, with accompanying shoulder pads, ‘word art’ fonts and classic music of that era. I’ve asked the authors, Elaine […]

The Naked (Un)Truth

Have you noticed there seems to be a lot of people getting their kit off these days? I couldn’t sleep the other night and was flicking through the channels when I stumbled upon this train wreck of show called Dating Naked. Can […]

Maggie’s Kitchen: courage of conviction

Author: Caroline Beecham / Reviewer: Kelly Lyonns Synopsis: (Allen & Unwin, 2016) When the Ministry of Food urgently calls for the opening of British Restaurants to feed tired and hungry Londoners during the Second World War, Maggie Johnson is close to realising […]

Heard of Teff? Is this the new superfood?

It’s the tiny grain that’s gone under the radar. Super-foods quinoa and chia normally steal the show, however Teff is hitting mainstream healthfood status. Now available at major supermarkets there’s no excuse for the time-poor who can’t make it to the boutique […]

Alison Whittaker and the law of poetry

A scalp-scab burnt and straw-haired woman spoke to me a revolution that roared within my belly, only once it were ate after years of pushin’ it round the plate and when I realised what she knew and what I missed—O, Eureka! “Everywhere! […]

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