The fifty things in my wardrobe

by It began when I was confined to the couch with a tummy bug visiting Buenos Aires in November, 2015. My daughter so enjoyed living from a backpack, she said she would shrink her wardrobe to two outfits when she got home. […]

Something borrowed, something white

by Story: Kelly Lyonns / Research: Michelle Beesley / Models: Noah and Kat Let me start by dispelling any rumours – Michelle and I are not getting married … our husbands would not be impressed. But we were spotted reporting from the […]

10 stylish ways to wear the relaxed pant

by Above image from: Flaunter  Left: CHORUS label relaxed black pant available from their online store. Right: Soft grey MESOP label relaxed pants available from their online store. The fashion world has changed over the last couple of years and although there […]

My signature perfume scent

by When asked what she wore to bed, actress and model, Marilyn Monroe, answered: “What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.” Which begs the question, have you got a signature scent? When I was 16, my first […]

Six must-have winter fashion items

by With the nights getting darker earlier and the mornings getting cooler, it’s time to start looking at your winter wardrobe. I know it seems like winter is not coming, but best to be prepared. So, let’s begin: Before you go shopping […]

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