Daily News Roundup

by FRIDAY,  JUNE  18 Australia will send a 35-strong swimming team to the Tokyo Olympic Games, headlined by a group of fearless young stars, in-form veterans, a defending champion and a selection of relay squads that will take a power of beating […]

Brisbane Is My Boyfriend…

by   If isolation has taught me anything about being single…it’s the simple fact that I am not actually single because Brisbane is my boyfriend.  Due to unforeseen COVID circumstances we’ve been on a mini-break for 9 weeks now, and are only […]

Ready To Bloom!

by   Always keen to view the latest and greatest in Australian TV, especially now when we feel like we have exhausted every last episode or movie on all of the streaming services! So when the SheSociety team heard that Australian series […]


by The best thing to come out of what has so far, for me, been a scary time is our family unit coming together in a group text message.  Don’t know about you but I am finding myself in a glass case […]

Pooping Anxiety…It’s A Thing

by In this day and age where everything seems to create a wave of anxiety, surely there are some specific things in our lives we can eradicate from potential anxiety levels. There are things in this world we can all agree that […]

Bring Back Your 4-Year-Old Self! 

by I had this thought the other night as I sat on the couch with a wine watching the gorgeous show on catch-up ABC iview called ‘Old People’s Home for 4 year old’s…’ (do yourself a favour if you haven’t watched it […]

The Sneaker Edit

by Sneakers have never been a problem in the SheSociety wardrobe, except if it is Jerry Seinfeld with his hideous obsession with those 90’s Nike Air Max sneakers and jeans….(What even was that!) Let’s take a look at how you make this […]

My Love For The Ekka

by The Westerly winds are up and starting to blow which means only one thing in August… The Ekka has rolled into town! The Ekka for me is some of the happiest memories I have as a young kid. I’m pulling on […]

Nine Today, The Project tomorrow

by At 6:56pm tonight a big name in the Australian TV industry decided to stand her ground and ask for what she deserves…the same amount of money as what her co-host is paid and unfortunately she lost the battle against the female […]

Big BOOTY Biatches Unite!

by So why is it so hard for a plus sized girl to hire something to wear to a fancy function? Honestly, does the world not think that big girls go to fancy functions? I mean seriously world, I am a big […]