#SheReviews The Best In Baby Gear

It’s almost three weeks since I had my twin girls and I’ve finally had the chance in between breastfeeding, changing millions of nappies and numerous hospital visits to come up for air. Despite both my bubbas getting their older sister’s cold, life […]

Superhero Daughter Day

I’ll be the first to admit, when it comes to maths and science at school, I was a total failure. In fact, I dropped science as soon as I possibly could and once I knew I had the grades in my other […]

Miriam Sawan #SheInspires

At a time when bullying in the workplace is in the spotlight, there couldn’t be a more timely moment to release a book on that very topic. Former TV producer and now media advisor for Shine Lawyers, Miriam Sawan recently released her […]

Making Good Men Great

As women, we naturally turn to other women for support when feeling down about something and it’s pretty much a given that most of us will have a network of friends and family to turn to when in need. But what about men? What […]

Blessed Brisbane

I can’t quite recall how I came across Blessed Brisbane’s Che Johnson and her Instagram profile, but if you believe everything happens for a reason, then finding her was obviously meant to be! Blessed Brisbane is the only Brisbane-based and focused site promoting […]

Happy Mother’s Day Mamma <3

They say you can only truly understand your mum and what she went through once you have kids yourself and that is something I can definitely agree and identify with. I always knew my mum did it tough, being a single mum with […]

Awakening The Third Eye

I’ve always been interested in taking up a meditation practice and have downloaded various apps to help me along that journey. I’ve also always associated meditation with “escaping” reality or at least with reaching a place where I could be aware of my thoughts […]

Travelling With Small Children

I absolutely love traveling, it’s always been a passion of mine and having parents who come from opposite ends of the earth (New Zealand and Denmark) it was inevitable that travel would become a major part of my life. I’ve always been incredibly excited […]

Childcare Is Too Expensive To Work

I don’t like to rant and rave about things, but I feel that the topic of childcare and its unaffordability is such an important issue of our time that the more voices out there rallying for change, the better. The whole system […]

Life After Children

This post comes after a pretty hectic past couple of weeks and at a time where I feel there has been a lot of heaviness floating around in the air. I don’t know if it’s because of the ‘Super Moon’ that graced us […]


From its humble online beginnings in 2003 to four flagship stores right here in Brisbane Biome has solidified its name as one of the best, if not the best provider of eco-friendly and ethically-sourced products in Australia. Born from the concept of […]

Benefits of digitally detoxing

Technology….sigh…we can’t seem to live without it, but sometimes I really don’t want to live with it either. Let me just say firstly that this is by no means a post condemning all things technology or that I am about to break […]

Over thinking and other vices

When people first meet me I think that the general consensus is that I am a pretty outgoing, confident person who makes conversation easily and feels at ease being in different situations. This is true somewhat of the time, particularly when I’m […]

Looking for a sign

Have you ever wished for something and then been told to “ask the universe”, “ask the angels” or simply, “say a prayer”? I’d say most of us have, but I wonder how many of us really believe that it actually works. I’m […]

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